The Perfect Buyers Agent Service

It’s simple, If you study the market all day every day, and have been doing something for over 20 years around the world, you start to identify what really does work, and more importantly, what does not. How to identify the risks is one the most important factors in property investing, and this is where we start our search, by assessing the risks, and how we can control or influence them?

This time in the industry also leads to exceptional relationships – these relationships give us an insider trading advantage, through off market deals and exclusive pricing, inclusions and packages for our clients. This in part is a huge key to making money through real estate!

Our service is comprehensive and detailed, including;

>> Initial discussion about your needs to determine if we can work together
>> Understand your property requirements and expectations
>> Sign our Client engagement agreement for either a fixed fee or % based service
>> Detailed deep dive on the specifics of the property, your needs and your goals
>> Full market analysis, property inspections and due diligence
>> Present suitable options based upon the detailed brief
>> Offer on the property, or attend and Bid at Auction
>> Secure the property and settle – Get ready to move in!
>> Additional services if Investment

The key to understanding how to really create wealth, generate passive income and control your financial future is to take a full look at what you are currently doing, and what you can potentially do. This includes your spending, the current mortgage you may have, how you have your accounts set up just to name a few. Then we look at ensuring the best finance options for you – just recently a client saved $26,000pa on a mortgage restructure! Thats a new property worth of affordability every year!

Most of our clients don’t even realise the power you have available right now and with some subtle adjustments to your structure you could easily be looking at a far better financial position for you and your family!