Vendor Advocacy Service

Get professional and reliable property selling guide with our experienced property strategists to sell your property





Get first-class vendor advocacy services from expert property agents at The Property Buyer. We help you to sell your home with ease. Many sellers get frustrated by frequent visits of strangers for the home inspection. Likewise, you cannot achieve a handsome return from investment due to poor advice and pressure from selling agents. We save you precious time and money by approaching the right buyers.

The Property Buyer provides a perfect match for buyers and sellers. We understand that selling an off-market property is a stressful job. Do not worry, we are all here for you. Our property strategists directly approach the vendors to assist them in selling their home. We encourage both foreign and local buyers to visit your property. Consult with our expert property agents in Sydney to offer a flexible and strategic plan for selling your home.

What is our strategic approach to assist vendors?

Fix a meeting with vendors to identify their wants, demands, and budget

In-depth inspection of the property you are interested in selling

Do market research for the sale price, market value, advertisement, and profit rate of the property

Add your property in our database to attract potential buyers

Set up a meeting with interested buyers for two-communication

Make a swift transaction, negotiation, and legal documentation to happen under the supervision of our experts

Connect with lawyers, home officers, bankers, selling agents, and other professionals to provide all-in-one services

Provide an agent to offer bidding on your behalf

Make better sale decisions by consulting our real estate agents in Australia. Fill in the form to get customized strategies for you. Make a call to seek guidance from our experts.

If you would like to have a fully confidential chat about your options regarding selling, please fill in the form below as we will assist you.