Having an online presence is not enough. Many real estate agents are not flourishing because they have this misconception. Today, you need leads for your business’s website to drive more and more clients. From managing appointments to quick access to clients, everything has been automated nowadays. SEO is a key indicator of the existence of your online business. The real estate agents need custom relation management CRM tools to handle customer service, contact details, social media presence, real reports, market activities, and trends. CRM helps you to understand what clients are actually looking for. Here are the 5 most trusted CRM tools for real estate agents to attract more clients.

  1. IXACT Contact:

The buyer’s agents in Sydney use IXACT Contact to manage their websites. It is a cloud-based content management system that makes you accessible from any device. It also helps to manage both marketing and sales activities. The wireless sync helps real estate agents to manage their contacts while moving their office from one location to another. You can start five-week free trials to check its working and awesome features.

  1. PlanPlus Online:

PlanPlus Online is one of the greatest CRM tools especially if you are a beginner. The buyer’s agents in Sydney can prioritize their tasks and manage opportunities with this software. PlanPlus Online works best with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Moreover, your clients can quickly access you via tablet, mobile phone, or PC. The real estate agents can get awesome results and social media integration facilities as well. You can start a free trial session with this software as well.

  1. Rainmaker:

This software is not less than a blessing for real estate agents. You can keep all of your contacts together by managing leads via Rainmaker. The client data management system helps real estate agents to know about the requirements of visitors or clients. If someone is searching for a new home, he can quickly get the lists of your marketing campaigns created by this software.

  1. DYL Lead Advantage:

This VoIP based software is sales-oriented software for small scale real estate agents. The productivity and sale revenue automatically increases with its lead management and dialing services. A client searching for a new home can make a call or send you an email, and you can set appointments with your clients by using this software. Even you can run it on Mac or Windows as well.

  1. CLP Suite:

It helps real estate agents to manage appointments, real-time reports, meet deadlines, the track record of contacts, and capture leads. With the autopilot feature of CLP Suite, you can even manage email marketing campaigns for your business. CLP Suite has many packages; you can choose the one that suits you the best.

As long as you facilitate the investors, they will turn towards you. There is plenty of CRM software as well; you can choose the one that matches your requirements. Not all real estate businesses have the same requirements; act wisely to grab more customers.